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As a parent of children with special needs, I know first hand how daunting navigating support can be. Parents recommend us because not only do we have excellent relationships with schools, but we are able to provide relevant information regarding occupational therapy as well as EHC Plans for their children. We can guide you through the process from assessment to intervention, or simply by giving you information regarding programmes and interventions to consider.


We work with mainstream, special education, specialist, maintained, non-maintained, as well as private schools. We work with schools that have Specialist Resource Provisions, and our strength is in the high level of training, information and support we provide to all levels of teaching staff, as well as parents. We have a rigorous training process, and ensure teaching staff feel completely comfortable delivering OT-based programmes.


An assessment session will use standardised and non-standardised tests and observational assessments depending on your child’s individual needs.

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Intervention may be in the form of: Direct individual treatment sessions, group treatment sessions, a target-based activity programme, and review or monitoring of the child’s progress.

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Group Therapy

Our groups ensure that we cater for each child’s individual needs. Because groups target children of similar ages with similar difficulties, children often feel safe in these groups.

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We offer a wide range of training, in-service and seminars to parents, interests groups, professionals and organisations, tailored to the learning needs of your group.

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The Food Lab

Our new Food Lab groups, will be targeted at children who are picky eaters. This group will be run by our specialist trained feeding Occupational Therapist and if needed, a registered Dietician.

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We offer clinical supervision to Occupational Therapists who do not have access to supervision. We provide this mainly to other O.T.s working in schools, colleges, as well as those in independent practice who have
specific queries.

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To help us provide you with the advice you need, please fill in our brief form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a consultation

Tribunal Assessments

Aniesa has been undertaking independent specialist assessments and writing reports for SENDist Tribunals since 2011. We are recommended by parent advocates and various solicitors, inluding Russell-Cooke, Julie Eversleigh Solicitors and SEN Legal.

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How We Work

Please call us for a friendly chat about how we can work together. We will email you our short referral form, as well as options for assessments.

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Once we’ve agreed a day and time, we will ask you to complete some online questionnaires, which feed directly into any report we write, using a reporting system developed by Aniesa and her clever husband Zayn. Similar forms are sent to your child’s teacher.

When you come for an assessment, we carry out a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments, involving everyday tasks, as well as some quirky (yet scientific) activities too. You will receive a comprehensive report within 2 weeks (3 weeks for tribunal reports), which we can work together to finalise. Therapy sessions can ususally being in 2-3 weeks.

“My daughter has been seeing OTs at Sensational kids for over 8 years now, and they have always
been brilliant. I would highly recommend Aniesa and her team.”

Brenda Robertson

Any questions or to book a consultation, please get in touch!