An assessment session will use standardised and non-standardised tests and observational assessments and will include one of the following
assessments, depending on your child’s needs. Each assessment is tailored to the individual needs of your child.

In order to gain as much information about your child and his or her strengths and difficulties, we ask you to complete
a full history questionnaire. This will be sent to you following the initial contact.

Assessment Packages

Our Full Assessment Package

This includes a 90-120 minute assessment, a detailed report with recommendations and a telephone or face to face feedback meeting.
It includes assessment of:

  • Fine Motor skills – including assessment of hand function, finger strength and reflex development.
  • Handwriting– this skill involves the use of motor control, visual motor integration and visual perception. It involves interpreting what we see and visualise into written form, underlying difficulties may be observed through: slouched posture, poor pencil grip, poor paper position or stabilisation, line use, spacing, letter formation as well as underlying motor skill difficulties.
  • Gross Motor Skills: This looks at basic motor ability (ball skills, balance, postural tone, range of movement) and how it influences everyday functional tasks including fine motor skills and handwriting.
  • Sensory processing; vision, hearing touch, taste and smell, as well as our internal senses; proprioception (awareness of or bodies in space) and vestibular (our sense of movement) processing can be observed through fidgeting in chair, playing with objects, becoming over-excitable on movement, avoiding touch, difficulty concentrating and assessment of sensory function
  • Organisational skills including planning, problem solving and memory.
  • Visual Perceptual skills: this refers to the ability to recognise, differentiate and attach meaning to information we see from our environment.
  • Cognitive skills (attention and concentration) including: sequencing, memory, problem solving.
  • Neuromuscular development: this looks at a child’s postural and ocular (eye) reactions, muscle tone and balance skills.

EHCP Assessment Package

An EHCP provides a recognised plan to ensure your child has the correct support in place to achieve their full potential in school. We make EHCP recommendations based on your child’s Occupational Therapy needs. This assessment package includes a full assessment package, as well as a short report stating EHCP recommendations.

Screening Assessment

Our screening assessment offers an unstandardised assessment of either a child’s fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing or handwriting. These are best for those children under 3 and will include a short report.

Tribunal Assessment Package

This will include a full assessment package from which a Tribunal specific report will be produced. It also includes liaison with other professionals involved.

“Our adopted son has a history of early years trauma and attachment difficulty. He is often highly anxious, oppositional and sometimes aggressive around new people. He has ADHD, ODD and some non verbal learning difficulties. Aniesa was incredible with him when she did his full assessment. She has such an easy, relaxed yet confident manner. I have never seen him as calm, nor accepting, with someone new as quickly. I told lots of people afterwards that it was as if we had met the “L [our son’s name] whisperer”.


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