“I can’t thank enough to Aniesa this term how she made these sessions fun and beneficial. My son who
is 11 enjoyed every second and more importantly he benefits from every session. After
the sessions he was calmer, more contented and happy.”

Yelda Ozderici

“My daughter has been seeing OTs at Sensational kids for over 8 years now, and they have always
been brilliant. I would highly recommend Aniesa and her team.”

Brenda Robertson

“Aniesa was our son’s occupational therapist and SOS feeding specialist for a year and a half. Aniesa is by far
the best occupational therapist and the most advanced SOS feeding specialist in the UK. She is incredibly gifted and talented with helping children with developmental delays, sensory and neurological issues. Our son fell in love with Aniesa on day one and would do whatever she asked of him, even when he found it tremendously difficult. He totally trusted her, and she was able to push him in ways that others could not,
bringing out the best in him. “

Georgina Payne

“Wonderful helpful OT assessment for my daughter with some excellent strategies to help
her at school; friendly and knowledgeable staff at the company. “

Helen McCaw

“We had five sessions of OT with Aniesa so far. She is a very warm person and there is a feeling that she loves the kids. William, who is three years old, loves the sessions. She playfully ensured that William performed and completed set out activities. She used Sensory Integration approach and worked to improve small motor skills.
It was my pleasure watching her working with William. She also involved me in the process.”


“Gemma is an extremely reflective practitioner, with the child’s needs at the centre of everything she does.
She supports an extremely varied and complex range of needs within the SRP and provides
exemplar practice within a multidisciplinary team.”


“Our adopted son has a history of early years trauma and attachment difficulty. He is often highly anxious, oppositional and sometimes aggressive around new people. He has ADHD, ODD and some non-verbal learning difficulties. Aniesa was incredible with him when she did his full assessment. She has such an easy, relaxed yet confident manner. I have never seen him as calm, nor accepting, with someone new as quickly. I told lots of people afterwards that it was as if we had met the “L [our son’s name] whisperer”. We start regular work with Aniesa soon and I am prepared to drive a long way each week to work with her above anyone else”


“C worked with Gemma for a few months after her previous therapist went on maternity leave. Gemma made
the transition as seamless and positive as possible, and was always brilliant with C, kind and
compassionate, as well as being very knowledgeable. C loved working with her!”

Brenda, C’s mum

“Aniesa works with our younger son Jamie who is 12 years old, for about 4 years. She is doing a brilliant job with Jamie and he really enjoys every session with Aniesa. He made a huge amount of progress over the years.
Aniesa is an amazing OT, very professional, experienced and friendly. We would highly
recommend her to anyone who benefits having OT sessions. “

Andrea de Selincourt

“Aniesa has worked with my son for many years and his progress with her has been remarkable. Not only is her therapy room well equipped but Aniesa herself has been a great therapist in terms of technical knowledge and building relationships with us. Her relationship with our son is so good that he just marches into the therapy room with a big smile as if he owns the place; and at the end of a session, I feel that I’ve had a therapy session too! Aniesa is an expert at considering the needs of the whole family and I can’t recommend her highly
enough. If I look at video clips of when our son first started and what he can do now,
I’m blown away and grateful to Aniesa in equal measure.”

BJ, Kingston

“Gemma’s always been professional, is very approachable and has been extremely helpful when discussing
the mainstream child, with whom she works, providing materials for us to use so that we
can meet her needs beyond the sessions.”

“Amy is so supportive of our team, she always includes my Teaching Assistants in the sessions and helps them with activities and strategies to support the children throughout the week. She feeds back to me at the end of the day and I can talk to her about how to include OT activities into my planning. The children really look forward to our Wednesday ‘Amy’ sessions, she is friendly, calm with clear language and clear boundaries,
which support the children in all areas of their development. “

Anita Maynard

“My son was seen by Aniesa for a comprehensive assessment with regard to his behaviour at school. She put my son at ease straight away and was very thorough in the tasks that she set him. We are not local but she travelled to his school to carry out further assessments within that environment. She was able to liaise with
the teaching staff directly and having identified certain ‘triggers’, she arranged for appropriate measures
to be put in place. It’s early days for us but my son is a happier child at school as a result. “

Paul S.

“I can’t thank Aniesa and her team enough for helping me understand that my son required a different approach to his twin. I was recommended to see her for her professional, brilliant knowledge. I was not disappointed. Her assessment was extremely thorough, which she then explained in great detail to me. Through her help and expertise she kick started his school into realising he needed extra help and he now has an EHCP with 24 hours a week 1:1. This is making a massive difference to him so I would just like to say ……
Thank you so much, once again. “

Karen Jewell

“Aniesa has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Occupational Therapy. She is always at the other end of a phone or email if I have any queries. She is flexible and willing to fit in around the demands of a school day. Aniesa comes in to assess children and support staff who may have questions about how best to help a child.
She has a clear understanding of how best to support parents, especially those who may be on the start of
a long journey with their children. I feel very fortunate that we have ‘Sensational Kids’ working
with the children in our Specialist Resourced Provision. “

Anita Maynar

“Response time excellent, staff are willing to accommodate in clinic or in school setting. Reports
are detailed and comprehensive and staff are always very friendly.”

Carly Briggs

“It has been my pleasure to work with Aniesa Blore in organizing The Zones of Regulation Workshop. From our first meeting I could tell that this was going to be a great experience. Aniesa was not only well organized, but also a wonderful communicator. She was accommodating with the international travel of the presenter and her family. We appreciate her kind gestures and positivity as a host for this event.”

Molly Schock

“Aniesa is very positive and supportive. She is always approachable and responsive to questions and queries and ensures that all staff members and families feel included and empowered. The training provided by Aniesa and her team is individualised and personalised for each school and each child. Aniesa responds to calls and emails promptly and makes herself available when possible to speak with schools and families directly. I really enjoy working with Aniesa and her team. “

Maeve Page

“8. Aniesa has been instrumental in helping me support children in my classes over the past 4 years, particularly with strategies to support emotional regulation in children with ASD. Her expertise
and care is the best I have come across. I would highly recommend. “

Sam McSweeney

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