The Food Lab!

Become an Intrepid Food Scientist

Our new Food Lab groups, will be targeted at children who are picky eaters. This group will be run by our specialist trained feeding Occupational Therapist and if needed, a registered Dietician.

At Sensational Kids, we understand that mealtimes can be particularly difficult times for some of our families. Having our own children with additional sensory needs means we know first hand how emotional and distressing meal times can be.

Activities which seem relatively simple and easy for other families, such as enjoying a meal out at a restaurant, going to a big family event, or simply going for a quick bite with friends becomes a very draining and stressful situation.

We will provide a relaxed, fun environment, where your child can learn about food, explore their own sensory preferences, and experiment with new and familiar foods, without worrying about ‘having to taste the food’.

Each food will be explored at each individual child’s own pace, in a way that they feel safe and comfortable. We will work with you and your child and provide small achievable weekly goals for the family.

Individual Treatment Sessions:

  • Tolerating new foods
  • Understanding the science behind food, food groups, and why we need variety in our diets
  • Trying new foods or non-preferred (but only when they are ready)

Groups will have a strong sensory focus and information will be given each week to children and families with weekly homework and targets.

We will also run our food labs on a 1:1 basis for children who may be older or those not comfortable in a group.

All food labs will be run by Aniesa, who herself has two very picky eaters! At times she may be joined by another OT trained in the SOS method, a speech therapist or a dietician, depending on the needs of the group.

“Our adopted son has a history of early years trauma and attachment difficulty. He is often highly anxious, oppositional and sometimes aggressive around new people. He has ADHD, ODD and some non verbal learning difficulties. Aniesa was incredible with him when she did his full assessment. She has such an easy, relaxed yet confident manner. I have never seen him as calm, nor accepting, with someone new as quickly. I told lots of people afterwards that it was as if we had met the “L [our son’s name] whisperer”.


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